PrepMax is here to democratize the access of MOST SUITABLE MENTORS to the candidates and transform the way they prepare and practice for interviews faced during the critical phases of their career progression, be it MBA Admissions or Campus Placements.

From the pool of Mentors, who are Alumni of top B-Schools in country and Industry Professionals & Domain Experts from across the globe, we strive to provide to you the most suitable ones based on your specific profile and aspirations with the help of machine learning based on psycho-profiling of both the candidate and the mentor.

The product research began keeping in minds the needs of candidates who were deprived of critical mentoring required during interview preparation in the important phases of their professional life, just because of location or time constraints.

Both type of interview, PREP LIVE and PREP HOME can be given from your place of stay or anywhere else; but we recommend you to choose noise free and professional setting and attire. Prep Home gives you the convenience of appearing for the interview at any time while Prep Live requires you to select one of the available time slots provided by your selected mentor.

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